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New Smart Watch to Replace Phones

Smartwatches have been involved in our daily lives recently. The development of smartwatch technology is on the rise. While the companies that competing in the field of wearable technology are forcing each other to change, companies that have just entered the industry are making big leaps to make a difference. Technology giant Facebook is one of the companies that are preparing to invest in smartwatch technology and bring innovation to the sector.

The first information about the smartwatch that Facebook plans to launch in 2022 gives many clues about the design of the watch. Expected to be released soon, the first reports of the watch appeared in the middle of this year, in June. According to the report, it was suggested to have two cameras on the back. However, to use these cameras, the strap of the watch had to be opened. But according to the latest news, there is a camera under the screen of the watch. With this camera placed in a small notch, you can make live broadcasts, video chats, or take selfies just like you do on smartphones. Considering this feature, it is thought that there may be a 4G or 5G mobile internet connection or a Wi-Fi-based technical system in the watch itself.

Advanced features to overshadow its competitors

Smartwatches did not have a camera that could see the user so far. Therefore, it gives an idea of ​​​​how Facebook will make a difference to its competitors with the smartwatch they produce. Looking at the design of the watch, the screen draws attention with a square design with rounded edges, similar to the Apple Watch series.

On the other hand; previous rumors about the company's first smartwatch indicated that the device would have advanced health tracking features to compete with the Apple Watch. According to the information received, it is seen that Facebook's smartwatch will have a heart rate sensor and will also be used as a fitness watch.

However, it was claimed that the product will come out of the box with an operating system to be developed by 'Meta' instead of the 'Wear OS' operating system developed by Google for wearable devices. Answering questions on the subject, a company spokesperson said that he did not want to comment on the 'Meta' smartwatch or the leaked images. But sources close to the company stated that Meta is working on three different smartwatches that will be released at different times in the future. Therefore, it was estimated that the model in the leaked image could be a prototype and could be shelved before being released.

The production of smartwatches can be considered as Facebook's attempt to hold on to the market by appealing to the young audience. It is also thought that Facebook's step up to produce smartwatches will increase the competition between Facebook and Apple, which has come to the fore with their disagreements on iPhone operating systems and App Store policies. Facebook’s new smartwatch is expected to debut in early 2022 and bring new innovations to the wearable products industry to change the dynamics in the sector.

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