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Solar Powered Headphone

Electronic devices continue to develop and gain new features. Wireless technologies provide practical usage for most electronic devices. But the 'charging problem' is still not widely resolved yet. Wireless charging keeps its development for us to enjoy a continuous experience. Innovative steps have been taken in this field with the wireless charging technology developed in recent years. However, now there has been a new development that will excite technology followers as a headset, the first of its kind, has been introduced. Solare, a new wireless solar powered headphone that will completely eliminate the charging problem is to be on the market.

The US company Blue Tiger introduced the world's first solar energy-powered wireless headphones called Solare. Military-grade Solare Bluetooth headphones with solar technology have the ability to harvest energy from light. Solare comes with high-quality speakers to be used for a long time without paying any fee. And you don't have to worry about battery life as the headset will run on complete solar energy to consume energy anywhere anytime to provide you with an infinite experience that has never been there.

Solar Power Both Indoor and Outdoor

Solare headphones are powered by solar technology, which can be considered a unique invention of the company. This new technology is capable of harvesting infinite power from both outdoor natural lighting and indoor artificial lighting. Simply put, inspired by the process of photosynthesis, the headset is equipped with a thin, non-toxic, printed, flexible plastic solar cell that allows it to generate energy from any light and store that energy for a very long time.

The headphones can collect light from a variety of different angles thanks to this solar cell technology. It is suitable for receiving outdoor natural lights as well as artificial lights inside the house. The company behind the technology claims that the Solare will be the world's first solar-powered headphones for driving or office or home use. The main feature of this new solar-powered wireless headset is that it can be used continuously with the power of light collected wherever you are, whether you are indoors at home or working in the office or you are outdoor under the natural solar lights.

Solare was described as a 'military-grade product working with sustainable energy as drawing attention from the crowd and digital world at the CES 2022. Solar energy-powered headset Solare is produced in a military standard known as MIL-STD-80. This newest wireless headset can maintain a wireless connection up to a distance of about 100 meters. Designed to be continuously charged indoors and outdoors, Bluetooth 5.1 compatible headset has 97% noise-cancellation to provide you with a high-quality sound experience by saving you from any audial intervention. This magical headset is also suitable for multiple weather conditions as it can operate between -40 and 50 degrees Celsius temperatures. Developers also stated that Solare is compatible with both Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri to use with voice commands.

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