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Advantages of Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted phone systems, also called PBX, functions similar to traditional phone systems but run through an internet connection to provide a more reliable and cost-effective system. A most common form of a hosted phone system is Voice over IP (VoIP) which provides phone services through internet connection and cloud. Businesses could benefit from many advantages of the hosted phone system from enterprise features to affordable prices. Hosted phone systems come with enterprise features including standard features such as voicemail, voicemail to email with text transcription, video and audio conferencing, call diversions.

Hosted phone systems use SIP trunk and a VoIP connection for managing calls. The PBX doesn’t use multiple landlines for routing the call and it ensures to reduce costs. Hosted PBX system converts incoming call data into digital packets to transmit through an internet connection. Then PBX routes the incoming call to any phone; desk, cell or softphone. Lastly the digital packets are converted back into voice messages to establish the connection.

Enhancing Your Business Communication with Hosted Phone Systems is Beneficial

  • It is easy to install a hosted phone system with its online setup advantage. You won’t need someone to come to the office and install them physically.

  • Hosted phone systems reduce costs, saving you from spending on additional hardware purchases. It can work with your existing hardware and also require less maintenance.

  • Providers usually offer you communication solutions including unified communication features in addition to hosted voice services.

  • A hosted phone system doesn’t require employees to be in the office to use business phone lines. It allows employees to stay connected all the time even while working remotely.

  • It is ideal with its scalability to add new lines and extensions for growing companies to adapt easily as their number of phone line user increase.

  • Hosted phone systems transcripts voicemail messages to e-mails to help quickly reading key details of voice messages such as call back numbers, and having a a permanent log of calls.

  • Virtual PBX systems enhance business communications with video conferencing tool without any additional add-on to install.

  • Hosted phones work 99% uptime, offering way stronger security than traditional phone systems could allow.

  • Call recording tool of hosted phone system allows businesses to monitor customer interactions. This also means providing training for employees.

  • Real-time call analytics is possible on hosted phone systems to test the effectiveness of your strategies to ensure you are doing your best.

  • Companies can set up auto attendants, also known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), on hosted phone systems to route calls to necessary agents without the need of human assistance.

  • Phone systems that work over the internet make high quality calls possible thanks to their technology that doesn’t require traditional wired connections.

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