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Benefits of Cloud IVR for Businesses

Cloud-based systems come with more advantages than premise-based communication solutions like cost savings, reduced maintenance, and high-security standards. Most of the businesses with a percentage like 94%, use cloud technology on phone systems, contact center software, file sharing and storage, and CRM applications. If you think it is time to move to the cloud, you should consider the benefits of cloud IVR for businesses.

Cloud-hosted IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a SaaS solution that allows customers to interact with automated voice prompts for making payments, connecting to relevant agents and more. It works as a simple pre-recorded call menu that you are familiar with. Messages being read out like “Press 5 to reach the operator”. Customers can respond to these messages by entering numbers or by speech.

Cloud IVR systems’ functionality is just like regular IVR systems. But it operates within the cloud. It prevents companies from having to create, own, and manage in-house IT infrastructures, on-premises IVR applications and data centers. It is the service provider who owns the server that hosts the IVR platform instead of the service receiving companies. Companies rent space on those servers for cloud-based IVR tools, which are accessed and operated over the Internet.

Benefits of Cloud IVR for Small Businesses

Cloud IVR transfers legacy IVR data and functionalities to the cloud by using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to provide IVR capabilities. The cloud doesn’t require the purchase on-premises PBX (Private Branch Exchange) that provides Automatic Call Distribution and IVR features. Companies pay only for the number of cloud-based IVR resources they use on the server, usually as a monthly subscription.

Cloud IVR systems offer advanced features that allow for a high level of customer self-service and keep operating costs down by preventing businesses from having to hire more agents. IVR solutions help especially small businesses or startups without a resource for a fully-staffed contact center to increase customer engagement.

Advanced features usually need an in-house development team, expensive upgrades and constant API additions. But the cloud IVR solutions allow businesses to add on even more features for an affordable price with a package that includes robust features.

Beneficial cloud IVR features include omnichannel support (like SMS, online payment, chatbots), multilingual call menu options, visual IVR, call center software, CRM, call recording, caller authentication, advanced call path design, agent ring groups, automatic callbacks, AI and machine learning, outbound IVR, analytics and reporting, PCI-compliance and tokenization to prevent fraud.

Improved Customer Experience

Cloud IVR’s high level of customer self-service allows customers to check account balances, pay bills, access the product or service knowledge base, and make reservations without having to speak to a representative. Effective self-service solutions are a must with the fact that two-third of customers would rather handle their support issues on their own than speak with an agent.

Improving your business with cloud IVR; decreases hold times, frees up more agents to take calls, helps simplify the payment process, integrates with CRM tools, sends outgoing reminder notifications and offers customer callbacks to enhance your services.

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