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Why Do We Need The Pcap File?

We have been shopping online to get our needs for many years. Groceries, clothing, household goods, and even the needs of our children... We buy with our computers or smartphones. Our address and card information are among the most important information we give while shopping. At this point, our information can be used in a bad way in the hands of malicious people and can put us in a very difficult situation. Not only does it put us in a difficult position, but also questions the credibility of the website we gave the information to.

Pcap file, or 'Packet Capture' is also known as a log or SIP trace, is a kind of protection system to prevent such unfortunate events and to protect our information.

We have files or information we need to protect on our workplaces or home networks. With the pandemic, a huge mass of consumers turned to online shopping. This makes much of our personal information, including our card information, accessible to malicious users.

Pcap file is generally a type of software that checks the content of IP addresses entering the system. It plays a role in monitoring and preventing external malware, fake servers, or mass attacks. Working in coordination with Wireshark, Windump, Netresec NetworkMiner, or Tcpdumb programs, Pcap is of great importance especially for basic security, common use networks, and office use. These applications, on the other hand, help us to read Pcap files and to detect anomalies or unwanted situations in networks. Overall, it helps us keep track of browsers' activity.

In the VoIP sector, a PCAP file can be shared mutually as it contains information such as the start and end date of the call, call duration, received error codes, IP addresses, and ports used. It is very suitable for the detailed examination of a call.

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