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What is an EASM File?

An EASM file extension was originally introduced by Dassault Systèmes as its developer to the SolidWorks software. So what is SolidWorks used for?

By working with SolidWorks, almost any object can be modeled in two or three dimensions. Steps such as design, development and arrangement during the production of products are of great importance. Performing these stages on a computer and analyzing them digitally is a real saving method for companies. The main benefits of this CAD program for users and companies are as follows:

  • Although the application has a simple interface, you can easily perform complex designs.

  • Analysis and simulation can be made about the designed model.

  • It facilitates the design and assembly of parts containing many details.

  • By coloring your works, you will get closer to the final form of the design.

  • Solidworks' design files have the feature to be opened in analysis programs.

  • It is a price/performance software for companies as it contains many features that will help detailed design.

The EASM file aims to run computer-aided design programs smoothly and faster. At the same time, it is beneficial to compress the files to be sent over the internet and transfer them quickly.

The EASM format does not allow for modification or export of the file. The purpose of the program is to view CAD files and to provide convenience during transfer. Therefore, to convert your file's format to other formats, you must be able to access the original file.

When you save your design by converting it into an image file, the file will appear as is. In your design, seeing from different angles or moving between objects, that is, it will lose its 3-dimensionality. Therefore, before saving your design, you should make sure that you have saved your file that way, by deciding which location and what detail you want to see.

If you are having trouble opening the file, you can try to pay attention to the file extension. Since the file extensions are similar to each other, it becomes very likely to confuse formats.

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