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What Do People Think About 5G?

Soon the 5th generation of wireless cellular technology will come to our lives and change many things with its unparalleled speed. But on the other hand, there are some myths about 5G technology. The common point of those myths is the necessity of this wireless speed. Is there a benefit to end customer?

According to those myths, the world’s giant telecom brand Ericsson made a consumer lab study and examined the myths about 5G wireless cellular technology. The purpose of the research was to found out and highlight consumer insights about this high tech.

Consumers think that 5G will solve the internet speed problem in crowded places

The most crucial finding of the research was that consumers mostly complain about the internet speed in crowded places, megacities etc. and they think that 5G’s will solve this problem. They believe that they will never face any network, broadband band problems with 5th generation.

When we look deeper, half of the smartphone users in South Korea and Australia, 2 out of 5 in the USA, are complaining about internet speed. Also 6 out of 10 in mega/metro cities globally face issues in crowded areas and would like 5G to be deployed first in these kind of areas. Also at home, people demand more speed, less lag so, with the release of the 5G tech, they think that they will get what they want.

People tend to pay 20% more to 5th generation technologies, early adopters 32% more

One of the myths about 5G is people don’t want to pay more for new technology but Ericsson’s study proved the opposite. People are willing to pay %20 more and early adopters are willing to pay %32 more for this new technology and they are excited about the benefits.

Consumers want to experience wearable technologies

Smart watches, glasses and all the other outcomes of new technologies will be more useful and better working with the speed of 5G technologies. The consumer lab shows that people are willing to use and experience those features of the new technology era. So they are waiting for 5G to have that great experience.

You can find the whole study by clicking here.

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