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We are coming to International Telecoms Week - ITW Atlanta 2019

nternational Telecoms Week, mostly known as ITW, opens their doors in Atlanta this year, 2019, between 23rd and 26th of June. We are the proud gold sponsor of this great event and like every year, we will continue to support the organization and happy to be a loyal partner of ITW.

Meet with the telecom sector leaders to grow business

After ITW 2018 Chicago, we are in the edge of the new unforgettable event which leads the companies to grow their businesses. Now it’s time for the most lucrative time of this year. As the gold sponsor of the International Telecoms Week, we are ready to meet all global wholesale telecom industry members and connect.

ITW conference with the numbers

This year, 7.000 delegates from 2.000+ companies are expected in Atlanta, which will come from 135 different countries. All companies will meet, discuss, grow and share their networks in ITW Atlanta in 2019.

Last year, ITW 2018 – Chicago numbers were;

  • 6.939 sector members

  • 2.081 different companies

  • 136 countries from all over the world

Distribution of the conference participants by country in ITW 2018;

  • 47.7% from North America

  • 26.5% from Europe

  • 13.3% from Asia – Pacific

  • 3.6% from the Middle East

  • 2.7% from South America

  • 3.6% from the Middle East

  • 2.4% from Africa

  • 2.1% from Central America

  • 1.2% from Russia

Where is ITW 2019 in Atlanta this year?

ITW will be in Atlanta in 2019. The organization will be held in two big hotels; Hyatt Regency and Marriott Marquis. You can join many ITW shows and events by coming to these hotels and enjoy meetings, connections and other activities like panels, conferences, and social events.

Where are we at the ITW Conference? ITW address of Sigma Telecom!

If you want to visit us and have a chat, you can find us in Exhibit Booth #E1014. We are waiting for you to meet our new and current business partners. Our experienced and successful experts will be happy to welcome and meet you.

What will happen in the conference? – 2019 ITW agenda

As every year, the biggest VoIP wholesale leaders, VoIP provider companies, executives, managers and C-levels from operators will be there to share their visions and knowledge. You will have a great opportunity to strengthen your relations with the VoIP sector. Besides these, you can attend the discussion panels, keynote presentations from crucial people of the industry. Here are some important topics from discussion panels;

  • Ensuring an adaptive approach to A2P messaging

  • Future of messaging

  • Rich business communications

  • How Youtube changed everything

You can see and download the full agenda of the ITW 2019 from the web site of the organizations.

Why should you visit and get in contact with Sigma Telecom team in International Telecoms Week 2019?

Because we are Sigma Telecom. Since the day we started our business; we are doing the VoIP business and telecom infrastructure services. We have the knowledge, experience, dynamism, and strength to lead the sector by being one of the biggest VoIP provider companies. We are interconnected over 500 global telecom companies over the world including the biggest operators like Etisalat, China Telecom, Turkcell Superonline, Turk Telekom, Verizon, Tata Communications, Bics, iBasis and others.

If you come and visit us in ITW, you will meet a VoIP company that

  • Has interconnections over 500 global companies including the biggest operators in the world

  • Controls monthly over 500k minutes of VoIP traffic

  • Actively works with 170 different countries

  • Operates at a 60.000+ channel capacity

  • Is a sector member of ITU (International Telecommunication Union)

Breaking ITW news – We give away 10K minutes of Turkey traffic for free!

We are making a contest for ITW Atlanta this year. If you follow our Instagram page and mention 1 friend under the ITW posts of Sigma Telecom until 26th of June 15:00, you would have a chance to win free 10K minutes of Turkey traffic. After the contest, we’ll make an online draw and announce the winner.

See you in Atlanta!

As we mentioned before we will be in exhibit booth #E1014 to meet with you all. Come and join us in the ITW Atlanta conference and let’s enjoy the biggest telecom event of the year together!

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