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VoLTE Subscription will Reach to 3 Billion People By 2020

There are many rumors that the VoIP industry is about to come to an end but the developments about the technology is showing something different. Like everything in our lives, VoIP business is transforming into a new model. With the new generation connection network technologies, we are crossing the borders with “VoLTE”.

VoIP transforms into VoLTE

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, turning the analog signals to digital and sending vie internet. It’s not a new technology but with 4G, LTE and wireless spots, our old friend VoIP is transforming into VoLTE, which means Voice over LTE.

VoLTE users will rise until 2021

A research which was conducted by Juniper shows that VoLTE users will be around 3 billion in 2021. Operators are investing the apps that are using VoLTE, and the market is going to grow rapidly.

5G technologies on the way, so what’s the next big thing about VoIP?

You know that many countries are testing 5G and some of them are officially using the technology. When we talk about the 5G technology, we need to mention the unbelievable speed of connectivity.

By 4G, LTE VoIP technology turns into Voice Over LTE and by 5th generation, VoIP will transform and adapt itself to the technology and continue to grow its market share.

The importance of Voice Over Internet Protocol

From the beginning of the invention of VoIP, this business is growing rapidly. Because VoIP is satisfying a very basic need of people: communicating with each other in the cheapest way.

Today, technology is growing very fast, especially in the IT sector. People from different parts of the world have the chance to connect with each other. So it pushed people to look for ways to talk at more affordable prices. At that point, VoIP is always the best answer for it.

You can click here to read about the types of machines that enable you to use VoIP easily.

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