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VoIP Routes - Important Facts for Quality of the VoIP Traffic

As you know from our previous articles, VoIP, is the transfer of the voice packages via the internet, turning analog signals to digital. For sending these packages, VoIP needs digital roads. So for that technology, VoIP routes are the roads that help to send and receive voice.

Before VoIP, this connection was made over cables. As the world has become increasingly global, TDM has become an expensive, costly technology despite its high quality. For this reason, VoIP technology, which promises high-quality communication at a more affordable cost, has entered our lives. An internet connection and a device suitable for VoIP infrastructure are sufficient for making calls over VoIP as an end-user. But the VoIP providers need more things compared to the users, like the VoIP routes...

If we picture VoIP technology as a human, we can compare the routes to the vessels that circulate blood in this system. Any problems that may occur in routes will be reflected in traffic, causing disruptions. So what can be these disruptions? Here are some!

Wrong CLI Route that causes Low ACD values

Some NCLI Routes don't work well and cause to package loss. Package loss is one of the reasons for the delay of voice transfer so the call time will be less than expected. Low average call duration means low profit and customer dissatisfaction.

Quality Problems of a route will cause low ACD

Some routes, even they are CLI, have low voice quality because the number of the hoop is too much. There is a huge difference between sending traffic to the operator directly and sending via 5-6 different providers. It's normal to lose quality that causes low ACD rates.

Limited route capacity that causes LOW ASR

Sometimes operators can limit the routes for the providers that send the traffic because of some reasons. In such cases, the call ends without connection and ASR rates decrease as a result.

Filter Route

These are lists of gateway owners to make more money and increase the usage time of sim cards. It is called the filter route by taking the numbers with high speech minutes in traffic and creating a whitelist and returning the traffic outside these numbers before reaching the gateway.

NCLI Route and low ASR

There can be some capacity problems with NCLI routes. Sim cards inside the gateway can be blocked by operators and this situation can cause a decrease in route capacity.

For example; if you are sending traffic to the direct gsm gateway and this gsm gateway has 32 channels, it can carry instant traffic from a maximum of 32 channels. (If all of the sim cards are working) Then, as the operator blocks some sim cards, its capacity decreases and its capacity remains low until those sim cards are renewed.

The ASR of the NCLI routes are lower than the CLI routes because;

  • If a call is trying to end by the gsm gateway device, the caller's number changes and gets the number of the sim card in the gateway. The called person may not pick up his phone because he does not recognize this number.

  • Some sim cards can be out of credit and the caller can hear the out of credit IVR

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