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Call Flow Diagram - Screen Detailed Analysis for VoIP

Welcome to the master class of Sigma Telecom and today we are going to take a picture of a call and try to tell you about the flow of a VoIP call from beginning to end.

Flows are like roentgen of the VoIP calls that show the time of the call invitation, end, etc. It’s like taking a photo of the call. To look for the flow of a call you should select the call from the CDR screen and click on the flow button to see.

The Terms of The Flow of A Call

In the flow screen, you will meet with two main columns, the left side shows the connection between us and the customer; the right side shows the connection between us and our vendor. So what is the meaning of the terms for this flow?

Invite: The attempt for connecting the call

Invite (G729): The invite that comes with g729 codec

Invite (PCMU): Invite was transferred as PMCU to the vendor

100 Trying: This is the trial between the systems. The phone of the called one does not start to ring while 100 Trying and this time until hearing the ringtone means PDD.

Session Progress: The time of the ring of the called one’s phone. After this caller hears the ringtone.

200 OK: It means the called opened the phone

BYE: This means the phone call ended. Both sides can end the phone call. You can understand from the side that BYE code comes. For this flow, the person who closes the phone is the caller side.

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