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What to Have in a Remote Office Phone System?

Remote working has become an important part of the business. So how do you coordinate remote working employees, remote teams? It is beneficial to set up a comprehensive office phone system to ensure the organization of your company and the smooth continuity of your business. Remote work tools play an important role in achieving greater flexibility in the workplace. VoIP systems are the best way to build a remote office phone system. VoIP phone systems provide office users with functionality formerly reserved for advanced call centers. These features are now standard for most of the modern office phone systems. So what to have in a remote office phone system?

Best Tools of Office Phone Systems

If you run any call center, such as a customer service or customer support call center; automated call distribution (ACD) is what to have in a remote office phone system for your company. With ACD, you can set rules and criteria for automatic distribution of incoming calls and forwarding to existing subscribers or groups. Automated operators are good virtual companions for the callers to be greeted with a menu and forwarded to an extension or local number.

You can go beyond the typical office environment by providing your employees with a full-featured mobile app. At the same time, caller ID is a very key function so that remote agents can see who is calling even when they are away from their work phone. The call management and call transfer feature makes the transition fast and seamless. If an agent receives an incoming call while away from the work phone, they can receive the calls on their mobile, thanks to call forwarding. You also need automatic call queuing to put callers on hold when your team is busy. With this feature, callers are less likely to hang up in case of high call volume.

Automated E-mail Interactions

When it comes to email interactions, standard voicemail systems are helpful and simple. However, managing voicemails is inefficient. A remote office phone system allows your team to listen to their voicemail messages on their computers, play them back using a mobile app, and deal with them quickly. But if there's anything more efficient than voicemail, it's a system that automatically copies your voicemail and delivers it to your inbox. This feature saves your team a significant time by listening to their voicemail messages and improves your response times. Just like an email, they can be forwarded. Voicemails can also be forwarded, and a busy agent can forward the email to an available friend.

Your employees may not all be under the same roof, but you can still manage them more effectively. With VoIP's advanced call management, you gain access to more powerful calling features such as N-Way calling, conference bridges and simultaneous ringing. All of them can be customized to suit your office needs. With call analytics, you can provide better service to your customers by monitoring individual and team performance. You can even view metrics and KPIs with your team. Call analytics, cloud-based office systems are ideal for collecting incredible amounts of data. With call recording, you can apply automatic and on-demand call recording to coach your sales and support teams. You never need extra equipment or cables, as phone calls are recorded in the cloud.

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