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Upcoming Phones That Will Be Released In Spring And Summer Of 2020

While the world is going through very difficult times, smartphone giants like Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Mi are still planning to launch the upcoming phones that they will release in 2020 summer and spring without any stepback.

With a 38% drop in mobile phone shipments compared to February 2019, nobody knows what the future will show. But there is no change in the phone manufacturer's plans, and we've compiled new phone models for you so that you can feel a little bit off the overwhelming COVID-19 agenda.

We hope we can use all these phones in a healthier world. So let's start.

iPhone SE 2020

Apple's budget-friendly model has long been expected among upcoming phones of 2020. This model is the first product to be released in the iPhone product range in 2020. SE model was released in 2016 with iPhone 5 case and iPhone 6s features. The 2020 version is also expected to use the iPhone 7 and 8 models as a case.

iPhone SE is a model that targets those who wants iOS stability and Apple quality at a lower price. It is also a very exciting model for those who are bored with designs with a full touch screen.

Expected starting price; $399

Expected release date: April 2020

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