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Tips For An Inexperienced VoIP Account Manager In Conferences

Are you new in VoIP business as a VoIP Account Manager and you have a conference to attend but don’t know what to do? Don’t worry about it. We have some quick tips for you to have a great conference and earn some new potential business benefits. Let’s start!

VoIP Account Manager should study well and do these homework!

In a VoIP conference, as a VoIP account manager you will meet with many new people from the industry and have many chances to make new business partnerships or you will have the chance to grow the existing ones. But as a start, you should study your lesson. When someone asks you about rates, ACD or ASR values of some destinations and traffic, you shouldn’t stutter. Because the first impression is one of the most important things in this business.

VoIP Account Manager should arrange meetings before!

As we said before, you will meet many people from the industry, if you don’t plan your schedule well, you could lose your focus and het lost in the process. So as a solution, before conferences, you should better arrange your meetings. This will bring success in the end.


There will be some events during the conferences, these are the major parts of the conferences and the business itself. By attending those events, you could make new business partnerships and you’ll have a chance to enhance your network. Also, we can add that these events are the most entertaining and interesting parts of the conferences.

Enjoy the moment

Nobody wants to work with a boring, ordinary person so enjoy the moment, be funny and open-minded. You can have a great time with your customers to have great business relations. So the conferences have the best possibility of having fun. You can arrange dinners etc. to de-develop the relationships.

Save your contacts

Don’t forget to save business cards, e-mail information, mobile phone numbers, etc. Organize a list and after the conference get in contact with your new business partners as soon as possible and remind yourself.

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