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T-Mobile Launched the "Connecting Heroes" Free Broadband Project

T-Mobile, one of the world's giant operators, launched a revolutionary social responsibility project in the USA called Connecting Heroes which let first responders use free 5G broadband internet.

What does the Connecting Heroes Project offer?

The company is committing to a total of $ 7.7B over the next 10 years for first responder agencies. So what does it offer to fulfill this promise? T-mobile offers unlimited texting and calls for first responders free of charge.

Besides, it offers a total of 4GB mobile hotspots: 1GB LTE, 3GB, 3G speed. They can also stream video with 480P quality which equals to DVD.

Who can benefit from this project?

In the statement made by the giant operator, all people from the group below will be able to subscribe to this plan;

  • Police: sheriff and police chiefs, command, staff, dispatch, and career auxiliary/volunteer

  • Fire: chiefs, command, staff, dispatch career auxiliary/volunteer

  • Emergency Medical Services

  • 911 call centers

Do you find it useful for beneficial for humanity?

How did you find this project launched by T-Mobile? Do you think it can open the door to different experiences for mobile internet and 5G in the future? Write to us, let's discuss.


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