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6 Things That Can Slow Your Internet Connection Down

Do you think that your internet connection is not fast enough as promised by your service provider? Before blaming the provider, you can easily check some points that may cause slowing down your internet. Let’s start!

Type of the internet connection; wireless or cable

Wi-fi connections are the most easiest, comfortable way of using internet but traditional cable connection is still the most reliable and fastest way of connecting to internet. If you want to take the maximum advantage of your data agreement, you should use the cable connection.

Your device’s capability; hardware

The age and the hardware features of your devices are directly affecting your connection to the internet. Slow processors will cause slow internet speed so it will directly affect your internet connection speed.

The enemies inside; viruses

Maybe your device is suffering from viruses that you don’t even know. It is better to check the health of your device with virus softwares and delete all the spyware from the memory of your device. Viruses can work in background and consume data from your internet. Most of the times you are not even aware that this little spy is doing it’s work behind the curtains. The solution is doing an inspection with a good virus program.

Distance: location of the router

If you go far from your router, your internet signal will reduce so automatically you will get bad results. Also the walls and mirrors are affecting the quality of your internet. The more and thicker walls mean higher obstacles for wi-fi. Also, if you have a mirror between you and your router, your wi-fi signal is definitely blocked to some extent.

As a simple solution, you can place your router in the center of your location that you spending your time with your devices mostly. Other solution is enhancing the signal quality with range extenders etc.

Is it a rush hour; the network traffic

Did you ever notice that after 8 p.m. your internet connection slows downa bit? Yes it’s normal because everybody finish work and start watching Netflix, surf on internet or hang out on Instagram. It’s like highway in a rush hour. What can you do with that? Updating your router and buy a more featured one is a valid choice.

Everything is OK, but I still get poor internet connection signal!

Maybe after all you are not really getting what is promised by your service provider. If you want to learn your real internet speed, you can download Cell Info – Speed Test app right now. All other speed tests give the result of the connection speed by testing the closest server to your location. This is giving you inaccurate results. With Cell Info, thanks to Google servers, you can learn your true connection speed and your speed in your most used applications like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

Cell Info – Speed Test App is available for Android. Download NOW!

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