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Sip 500 - Server Internal Error - VoIP Sip Codes and Solutions

What is the meaning of Sip 500 Server Internal Error?

Sip-500 means Server Internal Error. While tracking traffic if you receive this error code, probably you have a problem with the server that you are sending VoIP traffic to.

The consequences of the Sip 500 error code?

The main two consequences of receiving Sip 500 Server Internal Error are;

  • Low ASR - Average Success Rate

  • High PDD - Post Dial Delay

Low ASR and high PDD decrease revenue and cause loss in profit.

What are the main reasons for this error code?

There are several reasons for that error code, here are some of them;

  • There is a problem with the network of the person that we send the traffic

  • Vendor reasoned problems, not about traffic

How can we define the problem?

We can do a CDR value analysis test for decreasing the ASR value. We can define the Sip 500 error codes from the system.

What is the solution for the error code?

This error code is not about your system, we need to get in contact with the vendor and open a ticket to inform them about the problem.

Here are some other VoIP Sip Error Codes that you can see in a traffic

Click here for the Sip 404 Not Found

Click here for the Sip 403 Forbidden

Click here for the Sip 408 Request Timeout

Click here for the Sip 504 Server Timeout

Click here for the Sip 487 Request Terminated

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