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8 Attributes That We Are Seeking In A Sigma Telecom Talent

Güncelleme tarihi: 8 Kas 2021

Do you want to join the Sigma Telecom Talent ?

Sigma Telecom is a new generation telecom and mobile technology company with young talents coming from all over the world. With this diversity; we can look from a broader perspective to our works. We respect every kind of idea and try to develop that ideas with a great spirit of teamwork.

So far we mentioned the characteristics of Sigma talents. Why don’t we talk about some concrete attributes that we are seeking? Ok then; if you have these kinds of attributes; you are welcome to be a part of us and apply for a job at Sigma Telecom:

Sigma Telecom Talent

We Need to Be Convinced: Sales

Do you think you can convince a person to buy a certain product? Are you good enough to satisfy a customer’s needs? Can you empathize your customers and understand how they feel? Do you describe yourself as a competitive person? Do you have solid networking abilities? Are you interested in joining us in the conferences all over the world and have fun? If your answer is yes to most of these questions above, we have one last question for you. Do you think you can convince us that you are the right person for this job? How?

The Language of The New Era; Coding

In this era, coding is the core value of all kind of businesses, for Sigma too. We also have a professional development team of experts, adding their point of views and expertise to our business. If you are a developer that can bring a new horizon to our business; you can have a seat in Sigma Telecom.

We Still Need You; Web Developers

We are all using apps but do we stop using the web? Of course not. Web development is more important than before because the web is still progressing. Also, it’s still a fact that people are using mobile versions of websites instead of downloading the app. This is one of the many reasons why we still need good web developers.

Somebody Should Take Action; Project Management

Codes are important, yes, but behind those codes, there are many people with emotions. So we need talents who have a good manner of leading them. In other words, good projects are coming from a good leader that shows great contribution.

We Want To Express Ourselves; Writing

We still think content is the king! So, we want to work with the greatest writers. We have a lot of things, stories to tell; we need to express ourselves and our products in a right way and that is why we are seeking talented writers. If you think you are among them, hi!

You Need To Convince Us; Public Speaker

Do you have the self-esteem to talk in front of highly educated, universal talents? As we mentioned before, Sigma Telecom has many people from all around the world under its roof and this diversity brings many different ideas. So you need to convince us about your thoughts. How? By being a good public speaker is a good start!

The Language Of The Numbers; Google Analytics

Tracking and measuring the performance, taking actions according to performance is the most important thing in our business. We need to understand the language of the numbers as much as understanding each other. The roots of the successful projects are lying there.

The Proper Strategy Bring Absolute Success; Digital Marketing

Our main goal is to reach the right target in the right place and right time. That is why we need great digital marketing plans prepared by the greatest digital marketing professionals. Digital marketing may be the hardest part of the story because in this digital era it is now even harder to take the attention of people, which are already exposed to a countless number of messages and ads every day. We need more strategic, unique and creative approaches and we are always open to new ideas.

Bonus; We Like People Who Know How to Have Fun

Besides business, we like to have fun together and we like to be with the people who know how to have fun. Are you one of those people who have the specialties we mentioned above? If you say yes and want to join Sigma Telecom Talent check our careers page and feel free to drop us an email.

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