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Sigma Telecom facts and figures - What we achieved in 2019?

We are about to finish the first month of 2020, full of new targets while leaving 2019 behind. When we take a look at the past year, we saw how efficient it was for Sigma Telecom and also for all Sigma Group companies. We devoted this week to Sigma Telecom 2019 facts. We have analyzed what we have done very well, what we have to work on more, and we have saved all the experience we had for our future goals. Here are Sigma Telecom 2019 facts and figures:

452,862,629.33 minutes of calls we carried

We make the world talk! We transmitted 452,862,629.33 minutes of sound across the world. Sometimes we carried the best news from one end of the world to the other, and sometimes we prepared the infrastructure of the phone call that made the most profitable deal possible.

In short, we touched the lives of billions of people thanks to these millions of minutes. That's why we love our work and our enthusiasm doesn't go away even after years are passing.

We attended 18 conferences in 11 countries

Traveling the world is everyone's dream. Doing the job you love while fulfilling your dreams is also more than we can imagine. We have been in the USA, Dubai, Spain, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Kazakhstan, Philippines, UK, Oman, South Africa, attended to GCCM, ITW, Capacity conferences and many others. There were some days that some of our employees watched the sunrise while the others was seeing the sun going down, some enjoying the summer at the same time, while others experienced the winter in the other hemisphere.

205 different countries, 1065 destinations and 519 carriers

How did all these trips abroad and the conferences we attended return to us? Many partnerships, more jobs, more earnings, happier partnerships and even more, as written in the title.

We had the opportunity to work with 519 carriers around the world in 1065 different destinations from 205 different countries. We built a trust-based business relationship with all of them and conducted a study based on the principle of mutual gain.

Web site traffic 2019 facts show that we are on the right track

When we compare the website traffic of 2018 and 2019, we can see a significant rise for Sigma Telecom. We have obtained many new business opportunities through our website visited by over 600 thousand people.

What will happen in 2020?

Actually, there is not much changed in 2020. As Sigma Telecom, we are still aiming for the best of the best. As long as this goal does not change, success will be no coincidence, even if years will change. 100+ Sigma Telecom employees under the umbrella of Sigma Group wish everyone an unforgettable and successful year ahead!

For 2018 facts please click here.

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