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Sigma Group has moved to a new office location in Istanbul – Atasehir

When we started this business in 2003, the number of people under the umbrella of Sigma Telecom were only a few. Now, we are a big family as Sigma Group with 100 employees. As Sigma Telecom has grown and became Sigma Group, the increasing number of people has created a need for a more comfortable, larger, more convenient office, and in line with this need, we are pleased to announce that we have moved to the new HQ Office of Sigma Group.

Sigma Telecom now has a new address, but the address of quality VoIP services is the same

With our movement to the new office, many things have changed in our lives; now we have bigger meeting rooms, our technological facilities and infrastructure have improved, we have the chance to rest in various comfortable resting areas, we enjoy common areas with large and impressive decoration... In short, we have the opportunity to meet all our needs in our new office.

So, what hasn't changed? The principle of trust-based earnings with the maximum service quality of all companies under the umbrella of Sigma Group including Sigma Telecom has never changed and will not change. We continue to provide first-class service with our experienced and comprehensive team.

We have moved and now it's time to move on!

During the pandemic period, we worked from home as the whole world, but now we continue from where we left together with our new office. In the second half of 2020, we will continue to grow with larger targets and to maximize the Sigma brand success in every sector we operate in.

See you at our new place

We look forward to meeting you, our valuable business partners, in our new office. You are invited to our new office to develop and share business together.


Atatürk Dist. Ataşehir Blvd. Ertuğrul Gazi St. Metropol İstanbul A Block No:2E Floor:L1 D:9 Atasehir / Istanbul

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