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New WhatsApp Feature: Conversation with a Business Using QR Codes

With the emergence of COVID-19, businesses across the world are building their businesses an online presence as it is proven that now people need easier ways to connect with businesses to ask their queries, get informed, etc. and decide if they would like to commit making a purchase. A brand that brought great changes in the telecom industry with its useful features and radically changed people’s perceptions about messaging, has addressed this issue and presented a new approach with QR codes.

A Boost to Interacting with Businesses

In response to this emerging and exponentially increasing need, the popular cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP service, which currently has more than 50 million app users registered to WhatsApp Business Application alone, introduced new features to initiate a conversation with businesses through the application and get informed about the goods and services that businesses offer.

One of the introduced features is the implementation of QR Codes to the application which aims to make starting conversations with the businesses easier and more time-efficient. The QR codes make adding businesses’ phone numbers one by one obsolete. With the new feature, you can simply scan the provided QR code that a business displays for starting a chat with them.

The feature was tested by selected businesses and received a good rapport from the customers and the businesses. The new QR code feature is especially a great way to invite customers to connect with the brand to get support or connect to the customer services without a hassle.

In an official statement, WhatsApp stated: “QR codes are a digital front door that makes opening a chat with businesses as easy as possible.” The QR code feature is available on the WhatsApp Business app or WhatsApp Business API.

A Sharable Link Function is Introduced

The catalog feature that was launched last year also got an upgrade, WhatsApp now will allow individual items and catalogs to be shared as links on websites, Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere.

QR codes were available for businesses since 9 July.

WhatsApp usage increased during the pandemic period

Always taking advantage of being first, WhatsApp has grown even more, especially during the pandemic. As we mentioned in our previous articles, the increase in the use of Whatsapp was 27% in the first period of Coronavirus quarantine started, and it continued in the following period as 41%. This increase, in which social distance and not going out is also effective, has become a habit resulting from a periodic necessity.

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