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How Does Your Internet Speed Affects Your Video Streaming Experiences?

We will talk about your the effective facts of the video streaming experiences.

If we ask someone about the most annoying thing about internet; we will possibly get “buffering icon” as one of the top answers. Let’s assume you prepared everything for a perfect film night and open the streaming service; but in every 10 seconds you see that turning icon which also turns your happiness to anxiety and frustration. But is it all about your internet speed? Today we will share minimum internet requirements for some streaming apps. But first and most important question: Do you know your real internet speed?

Download Cell Info App to Your Mobile Device and Learn Your Real Internet Speed

To have the solution, you should define the problem. For defining the problems about your internet speed, we recommend you to use Cell Info – Speed Test App. We advice because CellInfo, not like the other speed test softwares, is using Google Servers to provide your real internet speed.

We know sometimes it takes too much time to open an Instagram story and you want to know why. What will you do? You can open Cell Info and test the speed of internet connection between you and Instagram servers. By using this way you will learn the exact numbers.

You can download and try the app from here. It’s available only for Android now. And also you can share your comments and help us to improve our application.

Video Streaming and Internet Speed Requirments

Today we are all kind of addicted to watching series, documentaries, and movies. The best and most convenient environment for those activities is streaming programs like Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube etc. Of course, there are some kind of different formats like 4K, Dolby Vision, 1080p, FHD etc. These kind of formats naturally effects the size of the media file and the performance changes according to your internet speed.


  • 0.5 Mb/s for viewing standard definition on a computer. When you stream Netflix at a speed around 0.5 Mb/s, the quality will be a little low on a large screen, more like watching an old VHS movie. Netflix recommends at least 1.5 Mb/s, minimum.

  • 3 Mb/s for viewing standard definition video (480p) on a TV

  • 4 Mb/s for viewing high-def video (720p – 1080p)

  • 5 Mb/s or more for the best audio and video experience

  • 15 Mb/s for 4K streaming (but 25mb/s is preferred). Also, this is recommended for a 4K Ultra TV with an HEVC decoder.

When streaming on Netflix, the service will automatically adjust the quality of video to its assessment of your internet speed. If Netflix determines that you have a slower speed, it will not stream high definition quality video to you, even if the movie or TV show is available in HD.

As a result, you don’t experience interruptions or buffering for the video but the visual quality will surely suffer.


  • 1.0-2.3 Mb/s for standard definition video

  • 2.3-4.5 Mb/s for 720p, high-def video 4.5-9 Mb/s for full high definition 1080p resolution video and high definition audio

  • 9 Mb/s or more for 3D HD movies

  • 11 Mb/s or more for 4K streaming with access to Dolby Vision HDR

Vudu lets you run a test to see if the higher quality video will play on your media streamer. If a video halts and buffers repeatedly while you are watching it, a message will appear asking if you would rather stream a lower quality version.


  • 1.5 Mb/s to stream standard definition content

  • 3 Mb/s for 720p high-def videos

  • 6 Mb/s to stream 1080p HD content

  • 13 Mb/s for 4K Ultra HD videos

Amazon Video:

  • 1 Mb/s to stream standard definition content

  • 3.5 Mb/s to stream HD content (720p – 1080p)

  • 15 Mb/s for 4K Ultra HD videos

iTunes Video

  • 2.5 Mb/s to stream standard definition (480p) content

  • 6 Mb/s to stream 720p HD content

  • 8 Mb/s to stream 1080p HD content

  • 25 Mb/s to stream 4k Ultra HD content


  • 2.5 Mb/s to stream 720p HD content

  • 4 Mb/s to stream 1080p HD content

  • 15 Mb/s to stream 4K Ultra HD content

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