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How VoIP Works and Devices Suitable for VoIP Technology

VoIP is simply turning the analog signals to digital and transferring those signals between sides. This is the basic definition of Voice Over Internet Protocol. But if we asked how VoIP works, we can find many different answers. Here are the most common devices of today that enable you to use VoIP.

ATA – Analog Telephone Adaptor

ATA, Analog Telephone Adaptor, is a device that turns your standard phone to a VoIP phone. In other words, this is a device that turns analog signals to digital and transmits your voice over the internet.

With the ATA, you can connect your phone to a computer or internet and start to make long-distance phone calls with the cheapest or even free rates.

Many VoIP providers bundle the ATA device and with an easy setup and you can start using your VoIP phone within seconds. Your traditional phone turns into an advanced VoIP phone.

IP Phones

If you say that I have no time to deal with the ATA device, and need a ready phone to make VoIP calls, the best option for you is IP Phone. They come with ready hardware to use VoIP features and connecting them to an internet connection is enough.


This is the last option, but the easiest one. With this solution, computer-to-computer VoIP, you don’t need to pay for long-distance phone calls. All you need to have for a VoIP call are a computer, an internet connection, and software that lets you make phone calls. You can make video calls also.

Today, many apps using VoIP technology for making phone calls. Skype, Viber, etc. They turn your analog signals to digital and transform them to the person that you are calling. Most of them are free to use or very very cheap.

Learn more about how VoIP works ?

So, you met the world’s biggest VoIP provider. We want to know you too! You can ask us your questions about the VoIP business as well.

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