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Digital 2020 Trends - Internet and mobile usage behaviors of users

We are social, as one of the world's leading creative agencies, and Hootsuite as one of the leading social media softwares, published the Digital 2020 report. This report is one of the most well-known and trusted reports and it sheds light on users' understanding of using the internet and mobile devices this year, just like the last year. It provides important insights and data, compare this year to the previous ones, and reveals how the world has evolved more and more digitally. Our mobile phone usage habits, how we use it and our social media usage habits are put there with full clarity on the basis of regions and countries. We share the highlights of We Are Social's Digital 2020, which is a broad source on a sectoral basis. We wish you a good reading.

67% of the world population uses mobile phones

67% of the world population of 7.75 billion actively use mobile phones. This figure corresponds to approximately 5.19 billion people. When we compare it with 2019, the increase is 2.4%. It basically means 124 million people started using mobile phones. During this period, the world population increased by 1.1% and 82 million people were added to the previous year's population.

All this increase shows that mobile phones are becoming more and more important as a medium. Although people differ culturally, they have something in common, such as mobile phones. In the world of marketing, this is directly related to marketing efforts. SMS marketing is becoming more and more efficient every year. In our previous articles, we talked about SMS marketing and its' advantages. It is gratifying to see that the advantages grow rapidly as a result of this research. Every 2 out of 3 people are using mobile phones in the world and there is a very effective way to reach them, such as SMS. You can click here to read our article about SMS marketing and its' contributions to marketing.

59% of the world population has internet access

Innovation with the highest speed in use in the history of the world is probably the Internet. The internet network, which has spread rapidly over the world in a very short time, has become a technology that one of every 2 people has access to when we arrived in 2020. According to the Digital 2020 report, the rate of internet access in the world today is 59% and this figure corresponds to 4.54 million people.

When we go into detail, the high rate of mobile internet usage is striking. 92% of the total internet users are also mobile internet users. The average of mobile internet usage during the day is 3 hours 22 minutes. So what do we do the most?

  • 90% watch online video

  • 51% Vlog

  • 70% listen to music

The spread of the internet at this speed actually brings a rapid change in many different dynamics. Now we reach from one end of the world to the other in seconds, and the borders between countries are disappearing. Today, a company in the USA can easily work with someone in Hong Kong, information is spreading fast, and awareness is rising. In this period when individuality is rising, it is important to reduce communication costs while the borders are rapidly disappearing. The company in the USA is considering solutions that are both higher quality and more affordable for their meetings with Hong Kong. At this point, VoIP comes to the stage with its multimedia support, conference call options and affordable pricing. Voice Over IP technology, which is not very new, is still in a very strong position with the increase in internet usage. You can find the answers to the questions in your mind about VoIP, which is the choice of medium-sized companies, by clicking here.

Social media usage is increased by 9.2% worldwide

In 2019, the largest increase in percentage was on social media. So what is the meaning of this 9.2% increase? 3.80 billion people are on social media, and this number is 321 million more than before. In social media, which has an environment where people can express themselves freely, platforms such as Facebook and Youtube are at the top.

The numbers are even more meaningful in the details. Each internet user uses an average of 8.6 social media platforms. They spend an average of 2 hours 24 minutes during the day. 43% of users use social media for business. This figure clearly shows the rise of new professions. The most used platforms are as follows;

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Whatsapp

  • FB Messenger

  • WeChat

  • Instagram

Social media is a very productive as well as dangerous advertising space for brands with an increased usage rate. Consumers do not want to see too many brands on social media. Beyond the brand, people are looking for brands that will communicate with them emotionally. It is very important for brands to strike a good balance between their promotions and interactions.

Digital rises and 5G is next

While 5G has not yet been fully implemented in our lives, the results are like this. Undoubtedly, after the technology that will change many dynamics as 5G has spread all over the world, it will be necessary to look at these figures and observe the developments. But everyone is sure that the digital world will continue to rise for a long time.

You can click here to read the full Digital 2020 report, which We Are Social and Hootsuite have prepared jointly.

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