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Did You Know Your Website Score?

If you have problems with your website's traffic and visibility on Google searches, you need to define the problem, develop solutions and wait for the impact. This process sometimes takes a very long time. But now, you have another chance to shorten this process and learn your website score. There is a website called developed an AI that measures the performance of a web site according to many variables that was defined by more than 12.000 different web site data.

How does it work? AI Project's structure was built on two different points of view;

  1. Webmasters who check the codes that meet the standards of the modern web era.

  2. Visitors that are looking for good user experience and content.

After that, the project team defined 12.000 different websites including very outdated ones and leading giant IT companies. 125 parameters that were determined by pro designers for evaluating the web site from the visitors' side. Finally, an AI was developed and it shows the score of the websites.

Evaluation Criteria

While calculating the website score there are 4 different criterias that AI intelligence considers;

  • Page mark up and basic SEO; Evaluates the accessibility

  • Look for different screen sizes; Evaluates UX

  • Colors, font, images; Evaluates UI

  • Structure of the information gets 9.05 score out of 10

Sigma Telecom website gets a great result from the AI test and with the 9.05 score, we easily take the lead in the competition.

Everything is good, but how we made it? Here are the strengths of;

  1. Correctly formed SEO structure and as a result organic page views

  2. Simple but also attractive design

  3. Updated contents that satisfy the visitors

  4. Easy navigation inside the website

  5. User-friendly UI and UX

Some other brands scores from

We wondered about the universally known brand's web site performances and a made short research. Here are the results, we are looking forward to hearing your comments and ideas in the comments section.

Sigma Software is ready to answer all your questions

You can measure your website performance by clicking here and then write to us for some developments. Sigma Software team could help you to design the perfect web site.

Also, find more about UI and UX by clicking here.

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