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China Mobile Already Reached 70 Million Active 5G Subscribers in China

China Mobile, one of the largest operators in the world, has already reached 70 million 5G subscribers in the first half of 2020.

Although it is not surprising that the telecom company which is in a very dominant position in China, one of the largest markets in the world, is also dominantly successful in 5G; it should be congratulated for it to spread technology in such a short time and a crisis environment.

The COVID-19 era has accelerated technological developments

Coronavirus disease has caused a great economic/cultural crisis and depression all over the world; this is an indisputable fact. On the other hand, it enabled the acceleration of technological developments in certain subjects and their use for the benefit of humanity. Although there are attempts to damage it with unfounded rumors such as coronavirus, 5G is one of these technologies. The claim that radioactive waves emitted from 5G base stations causes Covid-19 is a huge lie. On the contrary, 5G played a crucial role in many new projects for the benefit of humanity during this period. The 5G technology used in remote diagnosis and treatment; especially in China, has become like a teaser of the technological revolutions that we will experience in the future. Additionally, at the point that we have reached today, the 5th generation wireless network technology has reached 70 million 5G subscribers in China alone.

Although this success of China Telecom, is not a surprise, both the effect of what we have written above and the persuasion of the Chinese government for technological investments in this period is a very important success.

Opportunities come with the crisis

We conclude with the words of China Telecom Chairman on the subject.

“Although COVID-19 has come under control in China, it has created serious repercussions for economic and social development,” said China Mobile Chairman Yang Jie. “Yet, we believe that crisis and opportunity always appear at the same time. The actions taken as a response to COVID-19 will catalyze and accelerate a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, that will further the digitalization of both the economy and society.

“So far in 2020, we have adhered to our development strategy of becoming a world class enterprise by building a dynamic ‘Powerhouse’, working hard to expand our business from communication services to information services and to shift our business focus from mobile market to the more encompassing CHBN four growth engines: the customer (C), home (H), business (B) and new (N) markets.

“We have also adopted a new development approach focusing on innovation-driven business transformation and upgrade instead of traditional growth drivers that rely on factors of resources. We attach great importance to customer interaction and trust, deepening our collaboration with all parties to achieve win-win situations within the industry and promoting long-term sustainable development of the company.”

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