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Benefits of Softphone

Softphone is a downloadable virtual phone application that allows you to make VoIP phone calls anytime wherever you are. These phone calls aren't made over the traditional lines but through the Internet so that you can access it from any device. Softphones can be accessed from the provider's desktop or mobile apps. Softphone technology eliminates the need for purchasing any additional hardware as it gives you more ways to communicate. Softphones are directly connected to the VoIP or UCaaS platform with features like one-click calling, real-time call notifications with automated customer data from integrated CRM tools, call queuing, call forwarding, and much more. Softphones provide more than voice calling with easy access to other communication channels in the VoIP service package such as video calls, SMS, team chat messaging and virtual faxes. Advantages that Comes with Softphone Softphone technology brings flexibility and mobility to your workforce and increase productivity, improve customer experience while also lowering operating costs. Cost Effective Making calls with softphone over the Internet is much more cost-effective than traditional landlines especially for international and long-distance calls. It also prevents you from having to pay for expensive hardware and add-on features. Teams can continue to use their existing equipment. Portable Softphone technology ensures team members to be available anytime, anywhere. Softphone users can make calls, send messages or join team chat through their laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Therefore team members wouldn't miss calls while working on other tasks, joining meetings or leaving their desks. Unified Communications You can simplify the entire business communication process with softphone that includes Unified Communications as it consolidates communication and collaboration tools into a single interface. Team members can find everything for effective communication without switching between apps or browser tabs. Softphone interfaces are also customizable for users to tailor their menus and sidebars for their use. Team Collaboration It is effective to know when team members are online or offline. Users could know when a colleague is available with softphone's status features. Organizing video calls and meetings as well as call transfers, visual voicemails, voicemail-to-email configuration and incoming call notifications are also easy on softphone apps. Privacy Softphones doesn't display personal phone numbers on Caller ID screens while providing communication on personal smartphones and devices as it shows work phone numbers instead. So that personal numbers could not be learned by business contacts. Ease Installation and Using While some business communication softwares comes with a complex setup process, softphones are available as soon as you started to pay for a plan and select a phone number. Softphone eliminates setup time with its structure that lacks the required hardware. Users can quickly adapt to softphone as it comes with an interface that is so similar to popular communication tools and smartphones.

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