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6 Critical Questions and Answers About VoIP Business

If you are new in the VoIP Business or want to know some information about it then you on the right page. Let’s start answering the questions about Voice Over Internet Protocol in your mind.

Who was the inventor of VoIP Business ?

The beginning of the VoIP business started with Alen Cohen who was an entrepreneur. In 1989, he helped to found VocalTec Inc and invented a type of audio transceiver which made the Voice Over Internet Protocol technology possible. The roots of this business are coming from Alen Cohen.

Why do I need to use VoIP rather than traditional landline phones?

Because VoIP is much cheaper than traditional phone systems. It doesn’t need a complicated and expensive set-up, all you need is a VoIP enabled device, phone, PC, Mac or anything which has access to the internet. After all, you can make long-distance calls with the lowest rates and even free. And also VoIP allows making video calls and there are many multimedia options. You don’t need to get stuck with a phone, you can make phone calls from wherever you are.

What are the early period benefits of the VoIP Business ?

In long term, you will see the benefits of Voice Over Internet Protocol in the phone bills and your general budget but there are many short-term benefits you will start taking advantage immediately. These are;

  • Limitless mobility

  • Wide multimedia option

  • Getting phone number from any country

  • Automated phone calls

  • Forward message and voicemail

  • Simple conference calls

How can I understand that it is a VoIP call?

Most of the times you can’t. The latest VoIP technology enables maximum voice quality and you never know it’s a VoIP call or not. The audio quality is great for a VoIP call.

How much do I save by using VoIP Phone?

By making long-distance, international phone calls, you will save around 90% compared to TDM. You will significantly reduce your telecommunication costs especially if you are running a universal business and have to make international calls daily. Also with the internet connection, you turn on any device to a VoIP enabled device and don’t need to use the phone to make a call anymore. This feature of VoIP brings extreme mobility and flexibility.

Which VoIP provider is the best?

Sigma Telecom is one of the best VoIP providers in the world with its experience over 15 years, fully dedicated VoIP team and 7/24 available NOC support. Set your limits high and enjoy the results beyond the expectations with us.

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