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5G Wireless Revenues will reach $4.2 Billion in 2020

According to the global research and advisory research company Gartner, in worldwide aspect, 5G wireless revenues are going to reach $4.2bn until 2020 which means doubling the past revenue.

A significant rise in 5G technologies shows the interest of people!

The research company underlined that in 2019 the total revenue for 5G network infrastructures was $2.2bn and now in 2020 it is being expected to reach $4.2 with a significant rise by 89%.

Also according to Gartner, the investments of the CSPs (communication service providers) for the 5th generation network infrastructure revenues will reach 12% of the total wireless infrastructure revenue. This number is around 6% today.

5G enables the proliferation of IoT solutions for many sectors

For another research company, Information Services Group’s (ISG) study shows that enterprises see 5G wireless technology as an opportunity to develop Internet of Things technologies and add value to their business. The main sectors which are testing the IoT with 5 G are healthcare, manufacturing, smart buildings and connected cars.

The demand for 5G reached 1 million in South Korea!

Another news came from the far east, one of the technology leading countries, South Korea. South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom, announced that they reached a milestone in 5G usage and the latest subscriber number reached 1 million.

The early 5G subscribers’ numbers and the Gartner’s revenue predictions are very compatible with each other. We all predict that the industry part of the 5G is expected to make a great impact on developing new technologies. On the consumer side, many controversies discussing the benefits of 5G is big or not.

All those numbers and growth shows that people have expectations from new wireless technology

As a conclusion, 5G technology has a positive response from the end consumers. They have a great interest in this crazy fast internet speed and this interest will continue growing day by day. Today a very restricted percentage of people can reach this speed but soon everybody is going to have the privilege to enjoy this experience.

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Jane Hill
08 nov. 2021
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