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The New 5G Speed Record by Turk Telekom and Huawei

Turk Telekom, with Huawei, conducted a live test on the 5G test network, reaching speeds above 2.9 Gbps per second, setting the world record in this field 5G speed.

For this test, Turk Telekom used 5G New Radio Carrier Aggregation Technology (C-Band NR Carrier Aggregation) which provides the user with an improved broadband experience in higher speed and wider coverage.

Turk Telekom's test conducted on a live 5G test network in line with the international 3GPP standards established by Huawei at Istanbul Teknopark Mobile Network Test Center and 2 100MHz bandwidth carriers with 3.5 GHz frequency were used.

As a result of the trial, the highest speed of 5G has been achieved with the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G smartphone which has Turk Telekom 5G compatible SIM card, complies with 3GPP Standards and started to be used commercially.

What will change in our life with this incredible 5G speed?

Nobody is denying how fast 5G network is, but some people are questioning the real benefit or impact to end-user. Do we need this high speed or will it make a change as big as the speed?

The answer is of course yes! We are on the edge of a new era which will lead many things to change rapidly. We all grew up with sci-fi movies and dreamed about the future with flying cars, robots and much more. Now, with the 5th generation internet technology, we are ready to live in a sci-fi movie! 5G is coming to change our life. Here are some parts of the scenario;

  • Smart cars, factories, cities, homes; We are used to the ''smart'' term for a long time. But with the 5G speed, we'll take this smart experience a few steps further. Manpower will be replaced by artificial intelligence and we won't need to drive our cars or need less menpower to produce.

  • Smarter healthcare; One example is enough to tell the benefit of 5G; Doctors will be able to perform surgery, even miles away thanks to the great ping, low latency of 5G internet. Now imagine the whole story.

  • VR augmented reality; With the speed of 5G connection, VR and augmented reality products will come to another level.

These are only a few of the changes in our lifes. If you are interested in 5G you can read our other blog post by clicking here!

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