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5G Mobile Internet will be launched first in Istanbul Airport for Turkey

5G mobile internet of the mobile operators is still at the testing phase in majority of the world. Infrastructure work for this super fast service, which is used by a limited number of people in only a few regions, continues. According to the latest news, Turkey is also preparing to take the train for this new generation of wireless technology. Long-term infrastructure work has now reached a certain level and the point where 5G service will be provided has been determined.

The New Istanbul Airport will be the starting location of the 5G era for Turkey

The Transport and The Infrastructure Minister of Turkey announced that our infrastructure works are still in progress and in 2020, we are preparing to launch the service in Istanbul Airport. Istanbul Airport, which is one of the airports with the most passenger traffic in the world, is a very strategic point for such an important test. According to the projections in the reports prepared on a global scale, with 20 billion subscribers by 2024, 22 percent of the world's population is expected to use 5G.

Turkey is a huge market for mobile technologies

According to the latest, Digital Trends Report of Hootsuite and We Are Social Agency, 93% of Turkish people have a mobile subscription and 72% of the population, which is 62.07 million, has access to the internet. All those numbers show that Turkey is a huge market for 5G technologies and with its' high population the country is a great location to improve the technology.

Turkey's mobile internet history

What happened with 5G is limited with this information right now. What about before? When did the concept of mobile internet come to life and what stages did it go through? We want to have a little journey in history!

2G - 2000

In 2020, Turkish people met a brand new technology 2G, the first mobile internet. Those days WAP technology was used before, but after a while, GPRS technology take its place. 2G times, which were the days when the mobile internet era started to crawl, was an important training period for operators.

3G - 2009

In 2009, Turkey started to use 3rd generation wireless network and this new technology changed everything. Smartphones, apps, mobile payments, social media and more. After 3G, nothing stayed the same as before. 3G is much faster than 2G and lets many new concepts to enter our lives. For example e-banking, e-commerce.

4.5G - 2016

Turkey has been using the 4.5G since 2016 and it seems that it will take a lot more to pass to the 5G mobile internet phase completely.

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