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3 Capacity Media Events, Not Cancelled Due To Corona Virus

Even though 2020 didn't start so good and the first two quarters of the year are seen as a loss in business terms, we are all hoping to meet and be together again in healtier days that are ahead of us. There are some Capacity Media events that are likely to be held in the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year and have not been cancelled, yet.

The world is looking forward to these events, which will take place after a long stagnation period. It is not still certain whether the agendas will stay the same or get revised, or whether they will be updated on social distance rules, and our new habits in the upcoming "new normal" process. Regardless, the entire industry is looking forward to Capacity Media events to meet again and put things back on track.

Here are 3 major telecom events that weren't canceled yet that will make you look forward to the future!

International Telecoms Week 2020 - Atlanta - USA

ITW, which is one of the biggest telecom events in the world that we enjoy joining and sponsoring every year, is planned to be held between 14-20 June. At this current stage, registration is not accepted to participate.

It will be decided whether the event will be held according to the course of the disease and if the safety on international flights is restored. However, the announcement on the website states that there are no cancellations at the moment.

Capacity Russia & CIS 2020 - Moscow - Russian Federation

The last quarter of 2020 will hopefully starts with a magnificent event. The sector will meet in Moscow on September 8, 9 and it is as always very important for new business relationships and earnings.

Registration to the event is currently open on the website. You can register by clicking here and take the first step towards new business opportunities and partnerships.

Capacity Middle East 2020 - Dubai - UAE

Capacity Media Middle East, one of the most important organizations of the sector, will be in Dubai again between September 13-16 this year.

You can register by clicking here to join the organization.

We hope to meet again in the second half of 2020

This is the current state of the Capacity Media events right now. Unable to register for ITW, but no cancellation. It will be determined according to the progress of the pandemic process. You can register for others. However, COVID-19 is carefully monitored and action will be taken immediately in any negative situation. As Sigma Team, we look forward to reuniting with the telecom industry. We hope to see you again.

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