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5G Users Reached 1 Million in 140 Days!

While intensive discussions 5G continues, SK Telecom announced that they have reached 1 million 5th generation wireless network subscribers in only 140 days.

SK Telecom has generally 28 million users and now 1 million, which presents 3.5% of its subscribers, are 5 G users. According to the South Korean telecom operator, the interest in this new technology is very high. When they first launched LTE, reaching 1 million users took 8 months and this time it took only 4 months. Another statistic that was announced from the company is about the data usage. People who changed their network from LTE to 5g also increased their data usage from 20.4GB to 33.7GB.

On August 19, after the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphone, 880.000 new subscribers registered for the 5G network of the operator.

People think that this new technology will fix their internet speed problems in the crowded areas

Thanks to the Ericsson Consumer Lab Study, we see the behaviors of the people for 5G technology. The most common consumer thought about the new wireless network technology is fixing the internet speed problem, especially in crowded areas. They are willing to pay 20% more for this unbelievable speed and early adopters are willing to pay 32% more.

One of the great expectations about the 5G is the development in wearable technology. People want the best and perfect experience with watches, glasses, etc. And the new generation internet is the perfect tool to make this experience perfect.

Some expectations about 5G technology for the future

  • 800 million units of 5G enabled devices by 2023

  • Digital transactions will reach 9 trillion Dollars by 2024

  • 5G powered flying taxis

  • Smart energy planets

  • VoIP business market will reach 35 billion Dollars

If you wonder about the latest news about the 5G technology click here and also if you wonder about the consumer behaviors you can read this article!

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