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What Is Cloud PBX and How Does It Work?

Easy access to staff, internet access instead of power supply, using more features with low cost, and feeling safe are very important for corporate companies. Physical telephone exchanges do not provide all of these possibilities. Cloud PBX, which stands for cloud-based Private Telephone Network, is a virtual business phone system or network that converts incoming and outgoing calls into digital data packets over your existing network, where you can access switchboard features from wherever there is internet coverage. This system stores and directs company data in the cloud. Data packets are sent to the PSTN at this time. When the data reaches the recipient, the PBX system initiates the call. System administrators easily provide instant communication with the same phone lines over a single panel.

Thus, without the need to invest in a separate switchboard for each branch, you can meet the needs of all your branches with the same phone line in less than a second with a single cloud switchboard.

Why Cloud PBX?

There are many benefits to choosing a cloud-based business telephony platform.

  • Cloud PBX routes incoming calls to the correct phone number, device, agent, or department using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features or automated operators. In this way, it prevents the confusion that occurs in physical power plants.

  • Geographically diverse, remote, or multi-location companies can easily benefit from Cloud PBX.

  • These systems are scalable and can offer different plans on behalf of companies. Instead of features you don't need or don't want to pay for, you can set a basic plan and gradually add and upgrade features. (For example; advanced search features)

  • Eliminates software installation problems.

  • Departments are easily registered and defined in the system.

  • Access from anywhere with the Internet.

  • It provides the opportunity to record phone calls.

  • Cloud PBX has no investment costs. It reduces your company costs and provides an average of 50-70% savings.

  • When a problem is encountered, action can be taken in a short time thanks to the authorized panel.

  • You can add and remove unlimited extension numbers. It does not require a license fee per user.

  • Thanks to CRM Integration, you can see your customers' names and information instead of numbers.

While 67% of employees say the biggest benefit of moving to a cloud-based system is better to call handling, more than 50% of employees say that the cloud system only improves their remote working process. This results in less employee turnover.

Studies show that cloud telephony systems can increase productivity by up to 20%, and an employee can gain about 32 calling minutes each day. This means that evolving VoIP technologies can save your employees additional time to develop and market your services.

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