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We have gigabytes of cellular data to spend, but can we?

The effects of the Coronavirus epidemic began to emergemore rapidly when the world was in the transition to the new normal order. Some of our habits naturally changed during this entire process while we were at home.

As everyone knows, we used more internet, more social media, watched more movies, followed more news, made more phone calls during the COVID-19 era. In the new normal period, some of these habits will be permanent and they will continue to exist when we return to the old normal. Since we do all of this more at home, our use of cellular has decreased and our use of wi-fi has increased. Proof of this claim, the information came from the UK. Let's start!

165 million gigabytes unused data in the UK

Naturally, when we were at home, many people were connected to the internet via wi-fi and in this case, the internet data packets by the operators were not used at all.

According to the data of, before the pandemic period, while a person used an average of 2.4 GB of data, this figure dropped to 1.9 GB in the UK. This means 165 million gigabytes of the internet, which are not spent in total, which are 165 million pounds.

While most of the users wanted the accumulated data to be transferred to the next month, some operators already started to provide this service.

38% of UK users want data to be transferred to next month

Consumers' expectations are changing about the accumulating internet. But most of them think that it will be a correct decision is to transfer the remaining internet packages to the next period. While 22% of users demand a refund for the internet packages that they do not use, while 11% think that those data should be donated to those who have to work during the Covid-19 period.

What do you think about the unused data in the Covid-19 period?

What is the situation in your country? What is your demand from your operator regarding the decreasing cellular data due to increased wi-fi use during the epidemic period? Write to us, let's discuss it.

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