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VoIP Guide - SIP Error Codes - Sip-486 Busy Here

Welcome to Sigma Telecom VoIP Guide, where everything you need for lucrative VoIP traffic is included, making your work easier with clues. Today's topic is Sip codes and Sip-486 Busy Here error code, in particular. Start reading our article for all the details you need to know about this code!

What is the meaning of Sip-486 Busy Here?

If the phone number you are calling is busy, the error code received is Sip-486.

What are the results of the Sip-486 error code?

The biggest result of this error code is the average success rate drop. Low ASR value is one of the undesirable situations in terms of profitability and healthy VoIP traffic.

Average Success Rate is the percentage of successful calls connected in VoIP traffic. Apart from being low, it is not desired to be higher than expected. Because this time, the status of FAS will be high. ASR rates of FAS calls are considered as high. It is natural that there is a certain amount of failed connections in organic traffic.

What are the main reasons for receiving the Busy Here error code?

In normal cases, an error code is received when the number is busy. In some simbox devices, when sim cards are blocked by the operator or when trying to exit the call, it gives this error code as well. It is a code that kills traffic, no re-route.

How is it detected?

It can be understood by looking at CDR values in a VoIP traffic with a decreasing ASR rate.

How to solve Sip-486?

Ensure that the numbers are correct and accessible. It should be checked whether the numbers that do not have an instant busy status and who can actively take calls at that moment are also busy here. This should then be forwarded to the vendor.

If the numbers received here are giving the same problem in the direct vendor, the customer should be informed that this is related to the traffic profile.

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