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The Most Popular Question of These Days: Should I Buy A Robot Vacuum?

The robot vacuum cleaner makes our life easier and preferred by those who have pets at home, who do not have a cleaning staff at the office, and who do not want to spend the weekend with the cleaning. Positive aspect is that you set it up, it cleans that place by itself and with the wi-fi feature of your smartphone you can connect to the robot and watch your house cleaning. In this way, you save the time and effort. One of the other positive aspect in the winter months for the places with underfloor heating; the dust is constantly removed from the floor and this dirty air is partially cleaned by the robot.

And what about the negative aspects of robot vacuum cleaners?

The most common complaint of users is that robot vacuum cleaners are not as effective as vacuum cleaners and the battery runs out quickly because of its small battery. Even the most powerful rechargeable vacuum cleaner often has to go to its dock and recharge itself. Other one, the experts say that the robot vacuum cleaners keep the maps in a cloud system, and this is a violation of privacy to private life.

How it works?

The Lidar system scans the room through infrared and detects rays reflected back from irregular objects. With this algorithm, it maps the house and returns to the dock by completing that map. Lidar, which means for "Light Detection and Ranging"; It is a method of sensing by laser or light for the measurement process by performing data production and analysis. It is generally used for land maps.

Today many technological brands have started to produce their own robots. As new software and new features are added, a higher model continues to emerge. Well, would you like to take advantage of this technology in your home or workplace?

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