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SMS Marketing Strategy - 10 Crucial Things to Think Before Sending SMS

The traditional ways of marketing almost have come to an end. Different types of marketing ways such as Digital Marketing or SMS Marketing are in great demand due to their benefits compared to traditional marketing. Companies are getting into the latest trends of marketing day by day. While these transitions are and will continue to be beneficial for the companies that are keeping up with the trends. It is crucial to do it properly. There are numbers of Dos and Don’ts of SMS Marketing. Getting pieces of advice, consulting with the experts can help you and/or your company and decrease the possible issues on the way. You might want to check this SMS Marketing advice before getting into it. Here our tips to consider for determining SMS Marketing Strategy.


Make sure to get the contact’s permission. Not getting permission is not only disturbing for the contacts but also illegal! Do not forget that just having a contact’s phone number, does not mean you can use it. This is one of the most crucial aspects of SMS Marketing 101 if not the most crucial.

Use SMS marketing tools

Similar to all marketing types, there are plenty of marketing tools that can take your SMS Marketing next level. One of the most significant features of SMS marketing software is that it lets you automate your SMS marketing schedule. You can easily follow up with the contacts as well as you can schedule your SMS, therefore, set exact delivery time and send SMS triggered by specific behaviors. Such as; In case of purchase, you can automatically send that customer the delivery updates. Lastly, tracking features of SMS marketing tools is a massive benefit for the business.

Make it count!

As we have mentioned before in one of our previous “blogs”, the average percentage of users opening SMS is 94% worldwide. Thus, almost every SMS is being read by the receivers so make it count! Similar to the first suggestion of ours, just because you have them in your SMS marketing list and they have accepted to receive SMS from you does not mean they are here forever, do not forget that fact and make your SMS valuable by offering up something they would love, like a special deal or a coupon that is only accessible to your SMS marketing list.


As we have mentioned above, a special deal or a coupon makes them feel special. Now it’s time to take it one step ahead. Personalized exclusive offers will make your customers feel like VIPs.

According to the research; Customers who receive messages that are tailored exclusively to them, take more action compared to the static ones. Exclusive content outperforms static one by 42%

Keep it Short

The attention span of people has been decreased over the years. Keep it clear, short and as simple as it can be. A text message like an entire novel is not appropriate to send.

Timing is crucial

No one would want to receive a message in the middle of the night. Imagine being woken up by a text message from a local retail shop that you visit regularly. It would piss the customer off and be a huge drawback for the store. According to research, the best time of the day to send general marketing messages is between 10:30 am – 11:30 am or 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm.

Introduce Yourself

Consider your brand as a person. When you meet someone in person, you introduce yourself. The same rule applied to your brand as well. In addition to this, repeating your company’s name is a good way to increase brand awareness.

Balance is the key to a successful SMS marketing strategy

Although your customers want to hear special offers and deals, nobody wants to communicate with someone who is constantly trying to sell them something. Do not forget that your customers are human, thus, talk to them accordingly. With a friendly, conversational tone. Even though the main purpose of SMS marketing is revenue, the key point is to keep things in balance and not to be too sales oriented.

Give a way out

We have mentioned earlier that it is illegal to text your customers without their permission. The same rule applies to whoever wants to leave the system. It is illegal to not give users a way out of receiving messages.

Work with professionals

Sigma Telecom provides high-quality service to its customers in the field of SMS as well as VoIP. For further information about SMS Marketing Strategy and SMS solutions, you can reach us by our website and social media accounts.

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