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Smart Contact Lens for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are becoming more and more involved in our lives. In order for these technologies to be used and disseminated more easily, companies are trying to make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality glasses more practical. However, perhaps the most practical use for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality would be to not wear glasses at all. Working to achieve this, the developers succeeded in producing the world's first smart contact lens for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

As technological improvements accelerate, we are getting closer to the contact lenses to add real-time information to our vision as we often see in video games and science fiction movies. While we talk about Metaverse and express that we would virtualize our world with glasses, some important developments were also shared about smart contact lenses nowadays. A company called InWith introduced its Metaverse-focused technology that will use smart contact lens for Virtual Reality.

Circuit can be Integrated into Soft Contact Lenses

InWith company that focuses on smart technologies paved the way for soft contact lenses to be circuited. The company introduced the "soft contact lens platform" called "XR Platform", which it developed with a focus on Metaverse. The first applications of the technology will offer 'adjustable vision' on a mobile device and “augmented vision” that can be controlled with a mobile device. The most basic feature that the lenses will offer will be to provide an easy transition between real life and Metaverse.

The company will offer lens developers the opportunity to circuit their lenses, thanks to the platform it has developed. Lately at the CES 2022 a company called Mojo Vision introduced its sports-focused lens, which it developed in partnership with Adidas. The person who wears this lens was transporting digital displays to the real world and seeing them. While Mojo Vision managed to attract attention with this lens, another company showed up at CES 2022 with the same vision, but with a completely different technology.

InWith originally started to announce its development on this technology in 2020. The company demonstrated its 'flexible electronic circuit' technology in 2020 and managed to attract attention. Thanks to the technology demonstrated at CES 2022, developers will be able to embed an augmented image imaging chip in any soft hydrogel contact lens.

The company announced that it is currently working with Fortune 50 companies to bring the first usable examples of this technology to market with several hundred patents. They are the only company that has succeeded in integrating component circuits into modern soft contact lens materials and publicly displaying it. The technology will enable contact lenses to display Metaverse and Augmented Reality, as well as a cure for people suffering from myopia and presbyopia. The company plans to seek clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration this year.

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