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VoIP Guide Part 4 - SIP Error 480 Temporarily Unavailable

Welcome to the 4th part of our VoIP handbook; this episode is about an error code that causes low ASR, SIP Error 480 Temporarily Unavailable. If you are receiving this code and don’t know the solution then you start to read the 4th episode! Let’s start!

What is the meaning of SIP Error 480 – Temporary Unavailable Code?

When you receive this error code you can understand that the number is not reachable temporarily.

What are the consequences of Temporary Unavailable error code?

Average Success Rate (ASR) of the traffic will be lower.

The action that needs to be taken when receiving SIP – 480

  • First, when you receive a Temporary Unavailable Code, you should test the route. If you hear IVR message then possibly phone is closed or the number is wrong.

  • If the same numbers work correctly on another route, then the vendor has problems, you should inform the vendor.

  • Check the numbers

The things that we should be aware when we are opening a ticket for this code

Before informing the vendor or customer, we must be sure about the numbers. We should check the numbers which are working well. If the numbers are giving SIP-480 error code in direct vendor, we should test with clean numbers. If it’s all working, we should inform the customer. If all of these did not work not it’s time to get in contact with the vendor.

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