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Sample Automated Text Messages

According to several research, 9 out of 10 customers prefer texting to connect with corporations; because, it is less obtrusive, convenient, and fast. That's why, for optimum performance, automate a 2-way conversation rather than playing phone tag or waiting for an email that sits idly in an inbox. In addition, many major brands prefer automated text services to provide consumers who opt-in with real-time, accurate alerts and data, without raising the pressure on their teams.

In the corporate world, automated text messages are necessary; however, not just any auto-reply message sample for business can lead you in the right direction. The most productive automated text messages are individualized and they reflect the personality of your organization.

For instance, first impressions are crucial, which makes welcome messages essential in demonstrating the personality of your organization to the opportunity to integrate, partners, and others as soon as they make interaction.

As we all know, automatically sending SMS messages will save you hours spent on manual tasks and boost the customer experience. Instead of initiating and responding one at a time to text messages or depending on generic mass texts, smart messaging streamlines typical tasks.

To discover 3 beneficial samples of automatic text messages, let’s read on!

1- Welcome Messages

Welcome messages are a perfect way to make sure that the benefits of being affiliated with your business are understood by potential clients or partners. Using work-specific names, places, or words are all ways to convince new partners that they are doing the right thing by coming to you.

2- For Deliveries or Pick-up Options

We are also eagerly awaiting an update on one order or another with the advent of online shopping, take-away and click-and-collect in our society.

SMS can be preferred to promptly inform people about when to anticipate their delivery or when it is ready to pick up. For deliveries that enable the homeowner to be present, send texts with timetable options. Notice that by using merge tags -similar to mail merge-, you can easily customize your messages. Uploading a spreadsheet and matching columns inside our portal will add first names, emails, times, and dates.

3- About Office Notifications

In mass text messages that are programmed by default, such as reminders that someone is out of the office or busy, it is also necessary to display the personality of your organization. It is vital to express that you care for what someone has to say and that as soon as possible, you will get back to them.

The auto-reply message samples are appropriate to understand why no one is available at that moment or offering a timeline for an available response.

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