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Quantum Technology In Standard Computers

Quantum computers, which have much more processing power than traditional computers and perform both faster and more efficiently, have been simulated with today's computer hardware. Promising results were reached in the research, in which explanations about the future of quantum technology were shared as well.

Quantum technology allows processing on special computers in a way that we cannot imagine. In the standard computers we use, operations are performed with the 1 or 0 algorithms; a simple YES or NO system, while quantum computers perform operations by adding many other possibilities. And this is the key for computers working with quantum technology to find answers to curious questions.

For example, quantum computers can simulate a planet that has never been visited before. If you enter the necessary and correct data, quantum computers can simulate this planet and get an idea of ​​what this planet looks like. The same goes for the universe. Of course, very high power hardware will be required for these operations. However, in the research they conducted, scientists were able to simulate this technology on ordinary computers that we use.

Traditional computers performed well with quantum processing

Two physicists from EPFL in Switzerland and Columbia University in the USA embarked on a study to determine how much potential quantum technology has with the technology we have. For this research, quantum mechanics was simulated in traditional computer hardware.

A quantum neural network that performs certain operations via machine learning was used in the research. This network was also developed by a research team at EPFL. The process to be performed over the network is called Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA). With this process, the solutions that will present the least mistakes when applied are reached from the lists in which certain possibilities are presented. QAOA did pretty well in testing, the researchers say. The simulation was emulating a 54-qubit device. As quantum computers use ‘qubits’ unlike the standard computers we know use ‘bits’.

Researchers also state that the best part of the calculations made in these experiments is that they can be obtained while quantum technology is still developing and flawed in our age. This raises questions such as whether traditional computers will be preferable to quantum computers in the future. But these questions will find answers as technology advances.

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