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New Autonomous Car Apple iCar and Its Specifications

A new one is being added to the electric autonomous vehicle technologies that governments seriously support and aim to popularize. This software, which we will see everywhere in our lives in the near future, is a great technology for those who want to follow the path and relax whenever they want. In the world of the "Internet of Things'', there are more than 20 companies producing internet-based cars. The technology giant Apple, which has been giving its signals since 2014, seems to launch its first electric vehicle, Apple iCar, in 2024.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported that Apple moved Field and the rest of the Project Titan team to the AI ​​group of Apple executive John Giannandrea. The main purpose of Project Titan, which has formed a secret team of 20 people in the automotive sector giant Germany, is thought to be to produce "driverless vehicle" software.

In an interview about the highly anticipated Apple car, Apple CEO Tim Cook left clues that autonomous vehicle technology will be of great importance. "We like to integrate hardware, software, and services and find their intersection because we think the magic happens here," Cook said.

Estimated Technical Specifications of Apple iCar

  • Battery: Nanocell

  • Software: Apple

  • Vehicle Type: Electric

  • Technology: Autonomous

  • Release Date: 2024-2027

  • Price: $ 55,000

Apple, which does not change its product designs much apart from its technical features, is expected to continue like this in cars, its colors to be soft, and its interior and exterior design to be simple. In the reports released by Reuters at the end of 2020, it is said that Apple aims to use lithium iron phosphate batteries in its car.

Considering all these features, the long period of uncertainty still leaves us wondering. Apple iCar, after mass production, can fall into the category of "highly preferred vehicle" in the world and surpass its competitors. Automotive companies' CEOs, on the contrary, stated that it may be difficult for Apple to handle the strings in the automotive industry.

According to the Economic Daily Times report, it was confirmed that the rumors that Apple will sign an agreement to start production in 2024 are not true and that they did not meet with Hyundai and Kia in February 2021. It turned out that the reason for this was that while Apple wanted a partnership, automotive companies wanted only to be a material supplier. There are rumors that Apple is still looking for a partner company and has recently begun talks with Nissan.

The fact that Apple, which is loyal to its confidentiality agreements, has not denied the allegations so far, and has kept its silence at the same time, makes the project possible. It is not yet known whether the autonomous system Apple is working on will be offered as a part of the car or only as a software product to companies.

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