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Some Google Products Are Killed By Google

Do you know that Google has ended their 155 different apps, services and hardware products over the years? Some of them completed their life cycle and some of them were unsuccessful attempts. But every service or product are putting bricks to the technology wall and shows the process of trying new things, developing new technologies.

Here are some of the scrap heap products of our technology giant, Google.

Some Google Products Killed By Google

Google Products – URL Shortener 2009 – 2019

Ten years old Google Service Google URL Shortener in other words was ended at the beginning of 2019. It was a hard goodbye for many of us. Our fellow friend and helper won’t be around anymore.

Google+ 2011 – 2019

Google+ was introduced as a new social media platform which was the only competitor of Facebook back in 2011. Although the benefits it provided were very charming at first, this newborn baby never reached big popularity and in 2019 it took its place in the older pages of internet history.

Google Glass 2013 – 2015

If you were a child in 90s and grown with the sci-fi movies probably you dreamed of 00s as a world that has flying cars, robots etc. Google Glass was a product that seemed like coming from 90s sci-fi movies. It was a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display and camera. It lets you view some apps with voice commands. Now it only lives as an Enterprise Product.

Youtube Video Annotations 2008 – 2019

This service was a great example of bad UI, great UX. Finally, at the beginning of 2019, Youtube Video Annotation feature was ended by Google. This old friend let people add interactive text boxes to their videos, but now it will stay only our memories forever.

Google Spaces 2016 – 2017

Google Spaces was an app for group discussion and messaging, lived only for a few months.

Songza 2007 – 2016

This was a service that let users stream music. Songza was also recommending some playlists to users according to their daily moods, time of day and activity. It was killed by Google too.

Picasa 2002 – 2015

Before Instagram, Picasa was a service for organizing and viewing digital images. We lost it when it was only 13 years old.

For all outdated apps, services, and hardware products of Google, you can visit;

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