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End of a Legend! Apple is Shutting Down iTunes

Apple is shutting down iTunes, it’s legendary, game-changer app, and will replace all its functions with Apple Music. The managers of Apple think that iTunes has done its job, completed the mission and now Apple Music will come up to the stage and take the flag, reach the target.

Why iTunes is important?

At the beginning of the 00s, Apple came with an idea that hardware is not the only element of technology. They created an eco-system called iTunes so that they could keep people loyal to their brand. This was the success of a technology brand that is mostly coming from the software side. People are buying their music, burning a cd on an online platform. But today, with the growing internet speed, we have more chances to stream music and video. Keeping too much data on our mobile devices is not a very smart thing to do.

Why is Apple shutting down iTunes?

Because it is too big, complicated and completed its life cycle. People are seeking easier to use, user-friendly solutions. The company thinks that Apple Music is too fast to meet the needs.

Can’t I use iTunes now?

No, you can still use iTunes for now. But in Fall 2019, with the new operating system Cataline, iTunes won’t exist on Macs but you can still use it on iPhones or other devices. But in the future, iTunes will take its place in history for all Apple Devices.

What will happen to all bought music from iTunes?

No worries, you can still reach all your content from iTunes in Apple Music. Also, Apple Music is offering more than 50 million content and you won’t miss iTunes at all.

What is the main difference between Apple Music and iTunes?

iTunes is a free app to organize your library, purchase new music and enables you to burn a CD. Apple Music is a streaming platform that works with a monthly subscription.


As we mentioned before in the post that tells about the products and software killed by Google, development is a never-ending process that renews itself every day. iTunes was one of the most important touchstones in history but in today’s conditions, it is becoming useless, old and outdated. So Apple takes action and updates and replaces it with the new software.

Technology is growing so fast, needs are changing every day. Companies that are adopting are surviving. In the tech era, we are living in, consumers have infinite choices and the products that are satisfying the needs stay with us; other’s are passed away, even it’s an Apple product: iTunes.


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