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Some Dissappointments In Mobile Phone History

The mobile phone industry is waiting for Samsung’s and the world’s first foldable smartphone in the first quarter of 2019. Sector opinion leaders, tech news platforms already started discussing the pros and cons of this new technology. We don’t know what will a brand-new foldable technology bring to the market yet, but we know some failed disappointing new features in history. Today we will make a journey to some unsuccessful stories in mobile phone history. Let’s go!

Unsuccessful Stories In The Mobile Phone

Ericsson Chatboard

It was a sincere try but let’s accept it wasn’t good and handy. It was a good idea to create a more useful keyboard but carrying a phone size keyboard was not so clever. This tech adventure of Ericsson took it’s place in history.


Outdoor Mobile Phone

These kind of mobile phones were the most durable phones in the industry for sure. They can work even after a hard fall from a high mountain or underwater. But there were some missing parts in this innovation. Maybe we didn’t have that kind of extreme lives, we don’t know.

Gaming Phones

Young people like games, young people like mobile phones. So why don’t we mix these two things and produce a gaming phone? It sounds genius but the results were far from expected. We all remember Nokia Ngage for the gamers. Nokia thought that people will like this new phone but nothing happened. Ngage entered our lives with high hype but disappeared silently.


Samsung Galaxy Beam

We can say that it is a unique idea to turn a mobile phone into a projector and Samsung’s Galaxy Beam has this feature. But unfortunately, nobody liked it. Maybe it was because of the design or look of the phone, but it doesn’t change the result. Galaxy Beam is a frustration for Samsung history.


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Aslan Altin
Aslan Altin
Nov 29, 2023

The mobile industry is rife with innovations, but not all succeed. Ericsson's Chatboard, an attempt at a more useful keyboard, fell short. Outdoor phones, durable but impractical, found limited use. Gaming phones, like Nokia Ngage, despite hype, faded away. Samsung's Galaxy Beam, with a built-in projector, didn't resonate with users. Innovation involves risk. For more click below:

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