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Black Friday is coming! How to choose your new smartphone?

Everybody is waiting for Black Friday to buy a phone with the best features for the cheapest price. But there are a lot of models in the market so you may be a little confused. Right before Black Friday, we prepared a little guide for deciding which smartphone is the best fit for you.

Decide the operating system; iOS or Android

There are only two options for the mobile operating system but there are millions of questions. Yes, this is a great debate among the users but to decide on the operating system, you should define your priorities.

Advantages of iOS;

  • Ease of use

  • Security

  • Integration with other Apple devices

  • Update support for older models

Advantages of Android;

  • Gives freedom to the user

  • More smartphone model options

  • Wide price range

Think about your habits

Habits can't change easily. So if you are used to Android or using too much Microsoft Office software, you will adapt yourself to your new Android phone easily. Android has great integration with these kinds of software.

But if you using Apple Watch or have an Apple TV, you have to continue with the iOS operating system. Apple created a universe that only works with Apple brands.

Set your budget

If you want to buy a new iPhone, there is not much options but if you will consider an Android phone too, you should define your budget. Mostly Samsung and Apple were the big two of the sector, but other brands like Xiaomi, Oppo are closing the gap and also some models get better performance results in user tests. You can find the model that you will love with much less price. But first, define the budget.

List your expectations

Camera performance is important for you? You are always on the road and you need great battery performance? Maybe you are an audiophile and want to hear premium sound from the standard headphones... It's all about your expectations. Define them and shortlist the smartphones to make your decision with the Black Friday opportunities.

The fingerprint or Face ID

With the full-screen technology for smartphones, a new feature called "face recognition" is developed to open the lock-screens. Some brands also developed fingerprint technology and put it under the glass. But Apple doesn't use fingerprints in their full-screen phones and prefers Face ID. But there is a possibility to experience some hitches in some circumstances like low light, glass, etc. So it's better to test two technologies and decide your favorite one.

Don't forget about the 5G technology

Yes, 5G is not available in most of the world but it doesn't mean that it won't be available for a long time. If you are curious about technology and define yourself as technology geek, you should consider 5G phones. You can read our top 5G available phone advises by clicking here.

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