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Why are Average Call Duration, ACD values ​​low in my VoIP traffic?

If you see low ACD values in your VoIP traffic and ask why are average call duration values ​​low in my VoIP traffic, then you have to think that there can be several reasons for your problem. Here are some little clues that you can check to avoid spending too much time fixing the problem.

Possibility of FAS

If ACD is low, ASR is higher than normal, and PDD is low, the probability of fas is high. Because incoming calls are connected directly to the voice recording in the server environment or digital environments, and the callers hang up the phone without listening to the recording too much, ACD becomes low. Since the dialed numbers only read the prefix in the modal logic at first and ignore the next numbers, it connects directly to the audio record and the answer is not expected from the called party, and the ASR will be high in the call, and generally, there is 100% in the call if there is no manipulation.

The Wrong CLI

Some NCLI routes work poorly. Therefore, packet losses occur. Packet losses cause delays and losses in the transmission of sound to the other party. In this case, the duration of the conversation is less than the normal talk time.

Traffic Profile

Some traffic profiles have low Average Call Duration. This is especially true for expensive countries. If a user is looking for an expensive country, he explains the reason for the call without extending the time to be spoken or closes it after saying “call me back”. Due to this traffic profile, we cannot take action against routes that give low ACD. But; we can look at the ANI based ACD values ​​of traffic.

Quality Problem

Although some routes are CLI, their sound quality is bad because the number of hoops is high.

For example, the difference between sending traffic to direct the operator and transmitting traffic through a 5-6 provider is high. In some calls, that transmit over 5-6 different providers, providers may give low ACD.

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