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Apple and Android are working on a system that alerts people to COVID-19 risk

The world is going through difficult times, all resources have been mobilized in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. The whole world is trying to produce solutions that can be useful in this period as much as possible. A large part of the factories' production capacities is devoted to medical mask and ventilator production in the whole world.

In addition to all these, a piece of news came from two global giant brands. It was announced that Apple and Android are working together to develop a system that warns people against the Coronavirus outbreak. The two major competitors joined forces against viruses and working on this project for global health.

Warning system over the signals from mobile phones

The project, carried out by Android and Apple, tells you whether or not to contact a person who has COVID-19 positive test, based on the signals from their mobile phones.

The biggest advantage of this project is the chance to reach billions of people through the two most popular operating systems of the world. The system will also be integrated with the practices of local health institutions. The planned update for the implementation of this system is May.

Challenges for the project

Although it is a promising project, there are some difficulties as well. For the project to work efficiently, it must reach the maximum number of people. The iOS side of the job is a little easier than Android. The vast majority of iOS users are using the latest version and will be included in the system with a new upcoming update. Android is a bit more complicated.

Android, which is the most used operating system in the world with 87%, is operating with many different versions on many different devices. 77% of Apple users use the latest version of the operating system, while these numbers are not revealed on Android. In these figures, which were last updated in 2019, the Android 9 users were only around 10%.

Despite all these difficulties, in a statement made by Android, they explained that the system can be used in all Android versions. We will follow the developments on the subject with curiosity in the upcoming period. Continue following us for the latest updates.

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