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Advantages of Mobile Apps For Business

Making mobile apps have lots of advantages with regards to product and brand.

According to a report that was made by the market research company Newzoo, smartphone usage reached 3 billion in 2018. Without a doubt, this number is increasing day by day and in the early of 2019, it is probably more than 3 billion. In light of this information, we can say that it will be a terrible decision to not adapting your brand or product to a smart nation.

Back in the early days of the smartphone nation, we all see some websites which are completely built for desktop computers. Also, we saw many UI UX fails. Some of the brands took their steps in the beginning and created their own apps and some of them used cheaper and easier ways; adapting their websites to mobile phones.

Today we will discuss the advantages of creating apps instead of adapting the desktop to the mobile browser. Let’s take a seat and a fresh coffee, enjoy your reading time!

Advantages of Mobile Apps Your Product and Brand

1. Being in the consumer’s heart

If you develop an app and achieved to being downloaded to your consumer’s smartphone, congratulations, you are in the heart of the consumer. The length of your stay will change according to your app’s performance. Is it solving their problems, easy to use, well optimized… Well, there are a lot of variables which affects the life-cycle of your app. But we know that we passed the 1 and hardest step by convincing them to download. Now every time they look at their phone, they have a chance to see your brand and product.

Note: An average American people spends more than 3 hours on a smartphone per day.

2. Talk to your consumers

If your app was downloaded then you have a chance to send push messages and notifications to your consumers. It opens a very big door to your marketing program. Think about like this: You have a product, than someone who is interested in your product downloads your app and bingo! You have channel to interact this person directly. You can do many things and you can develop brand loyalty. Give discounts, interactive games, encourage about something, news, it is all up to your creativity!

3. One of the most important Advantages of Mobile Apps – No need for internet

If you want to enter a mobile website, you must have an internet connection but apps changed this. Apps offer offline usage for users. If you don’t have any connection to the internet you can open an app and see some parts which are available for offline mode. Also, there is a chance to download the content by wi-fi and use it without connection.

4. Think and care about your consumers

A well-optimized app consumes fewer data and battery than a mobile web site. If you want to win your target group’s heart, you have to offer them user-friendly solutions and always be on their side. Today’s youth’s most common problems with smartphones are battery and data packages. So it is better for you to use their sources at minimum levels.

5. Be ahead of the competition

Brands are in great competition, technology grows day by day, new opportunities, new approaches are determining the market. Even the biggest companies which are famous worldwide can go bankrupt because of not keeping up with the era. Don’t resist the change, try to adopt your product, brand or service to the new era.

6. Take the advantage of mobile device hardware features

Modern smartphones come with built-in accessories like GPS, compass, etc. You can use these kinds of features for your brand. Let’s pretend you are doing great birthday cakes. You can easily take orders by your app and thanks to GPS you can find your customer’s house easily. You can find millions of similar examples.

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